Why is this site here ?

Good question.... here's the long answer.

A few years ago I wanted to learn how to make web pages AND my wife Susan and I were having a hard time finding a database to hold our collection. Some of our friends were also interested in what we had found lately, so .... here it is ... the Dave & Sue's Antique Country Store Collection site was created on 9/15/2000.

The Antique "bug" actually bit me when I was around 12 years old or so. Roger and Margaret, my parents, sold a restaurant business in Lawrence, Massachusetts and wanted to start a gourmet store in Derry, New Hampshire called the Country Cupboard. They decorated the new business as an old country store and hunted all around New England for store props. A George Washington tobacco tin was my 1st acquisition. I forget what I even did with that darn tin. Anyway, that was my exposure at a young age to antique advertising.

Many years later after being married and fathering four sons, we took a day trip to the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and stopped at an antique shop. I showed my wife Susan a Prince Albert and Velvet tobacco pocket tin and that's where the tobacco portion of our collecting started. She was hooked and so was I.  We've made plenty of mistakes along the way and so will you if you get into this great little hobby. I'd say our biggest problem is where to put it all !!!! I think we need a bigger house.

That's enough rambling I guess.... enjoy the pages !